Frequently Asked Questions

No. All coins in the shop are real coins. However their value is not derived from the real cryptocurrency it represents. All our products are merchandise. To purchase blockchain based cryptocurrency you need a different supplier.
No, you won’t. We don’t provide investment opportunities. Nor do we suggest in any way or form what you should do with your money. If you like to show your support for cryptocurrencies you’ve come to the right place.
Only if anyone out there is interested in such a value exchange. The coins are not recognized by governments as an accepted means of exchange (so is Bitcoin by the way). Our products are not intended to be used as a currency. Rather to show support for the community.
That is a little hard to say. All products are preferably transported in bulk. Therefore shipping may be postponed to fill a unit. In addition your residential country plays a part in shipping time. On average the shipping time is between about a week and a month. We will do our best to fulfill this intent.
Because you want Bitcoin and altcoins to be adopted globally. Not only do we ship worldwide. We are also the only supplier of physical coins who accept payments in Bitcoin! You will extend your collection and support the community. All at once!

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