About Real Bitcoin Shop

We all want to support the adoptation of cryptocurrencies. Original Cryptocurrency merchandise is hard to find. To achieve full crypto support we have to start talking to people. What better way to spark a conversation with a physical coin?

“Is that a real Bitcoin you got there?”

Real Bitcoin Shop delivers physical cryptocurrencies around the world. Making it very easy for customers to purchase coins. We support payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Also credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted.

We believe in a world without banks. A world where everybody has ultimate control over their own personal finances. This will be a radical change in the structure of the world. There will be no central bodies of governance. But instead clusters of people within society with shared cultures and visions. That is the globalisation of tomorrow. In contrast to the globalisation pushed by politicians.

The arrival of blockchain tech is the start of a revolution. Join the revolution and use cryptocurrency! Real Bitcoin Shop is our humble attempt to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

Shipping Worldwide!

Bitcoin is a universal currency. It is accessible globally. Therefore we want to supply our coins around the world. From the USA to Europe, Africa to Asia. We send our products everywhere. As a result some deliveries take longer depending on your residence. However all charges are included.

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